The Benefits of Using a Serviced Office in Jakarta

Jakarta is not only a business center but also the center of economic activities in Indonesia. Here, you can find many kinds of companies, from a start-up to a unicorn venture. However, due to the higher property price, many companies decide to locate their business base by collaborating with the third party. For instance, renting a serviced office in Jakarta.

A serviced office, especially in Jakarta, offers you some benefits that can support your business. By renting a serviced office, you do not need to build a new office building so that the cost can be allocated to other matters. Before making a decision, you need to know several things about the serviced office.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office refers to a fully equipped and furnished space, located in a building that is managed and owned by a third party. The owner of the building rents some part of the floor(s), a whole floor, to clients. Clients get some access and facilities such as ready-to-use office space.

Serviced offices are commonly found in big cities that have many big companies, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. A building or tower usually consists of many companies in different fields and businesses. They rent some spaces on the same or another floor to run their business.

Generally, serviced office owners rent the space equipped by some facilities such as office facilities (desks, chairs, and bookshelves), connected telephones, and internet connection. Renters can also use other facilities like meeting rooms, pantry and outdoor areas. All facilities are mentioned in the agreement signed by all involved parties.

The Benefits

1. Flexibility

Serviced office terms are usually flexible. All services are given to renter according to the agreements.
Clients are able to choose what facilities to use to and will influence the price offered. You can also decide how long you want to rent the space.

In this case, you need to pay more attention to your business model so that the facilities can accommodate all of your business activities.

2. Practical Space

Most companies run their business in certain facilities, such as a conference and meeting room.
In a traditional office building, a company must provide a space to hold a meeting and other activities involving many people.

But in a serviced office, you do not need to build that, because you can use a shared meeting room depending on when you need it and you only pay as you use.

3. Affordable Costs

By using a serviced office, it means that you only need to pay for what you use, as briefly mentioned above. This situation will help your finance staff to allocate the cost for other matters.

In general, a serviced office owner offers you some rent packages at various costs. Choose one that suits your business activities so that you can avoid spending money on things that are not used.

4. Free Maintenance

Renting a serviced office means you do not need to hire a cleaning service or maintenance staff. It is because the rent fee includes maintenance and cleaning services. The janitor and maintenance staff are provided by the building owner.

5. Creating New Network

By renting a serviced office, it means that you work in the same building with other companies. This can give you the possibility to collaborate and create new business networks with your ‘ neighbors’.

If your business is a start-up, it really helps you to find partners that have the same perspective to reach the goal.

Serviced Office in Jakarta from Cekindo

After knowing all the benefits you can get by using a serviced office in Jakarta, it is the time to build your business up.

Make your move with Cekindo’s serviced office in Jakarta. Cekindo will help you to register your business in a serviced office system, and you are free to consult any issues.

We also have other office solutions like virtual office and coworking space. Feel free to explore them all.

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