Home Businesses in Jakarta should Use Virtual Offices for These 4 Benefits

The startup buzz in Jakarta has been around for many years. Local and foreign investors are looking at Jakarta, as well as the entire country as a breeding ground for startups. Some important factors make the city attractive to investors and qualified as a thriving startup hub.

With the onset of the technology and digital era that is taking over the planet right now, as well as Jakarta’s strategic location with the ground and maritime links to neighbouring cities and countries, the startup boom in Jakarta is a force to be acknowledged.

According to the Creative Economy Agency, the growth rate of startups in Indonesia is projected to be 20-30%, due to the high demand for digital solutions in diverse sectors.

The surging middle-income population in Indonesia is also one of the drivers of the startup growth in Jakarta.

Therefore, many startups in Jakarta, especially those home businesses, have opted for virtual offices due to the numerous benefits.

In this article, Cekindo is going to cover some of the important benefits of using a virtual office in Jakarta.

Benefits Offered for Home Businesses

1. No Hiring Is Required

People working from home offices often have no employees and thus won’t be available 24/7. In this case, you may miss some of your client’s calls if you and your client have a different time zone.

A virtual office has a staffed reception with a real human who can help you answer your call and forward your mail even when you are asleep.

2. Meeting Rooms Are Available

Many startups operate from home because they do not have the budget to afford a permanent office setting that requires many monthly fixed expenses.

But here comes the problem – what if you need to meet with a potential client or investor but you don’t have a proper place to do so?

A virtual office can solve your problem as the meeting rooms or conference rooms with complete settings are available to use when you need them. It’s hard to close a deal in your home’s kitchen or a noisy coffee house.

3. You Have the Most Comprehensive and Advanced Technology

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a dime to buy any of the necessary gadgets or technological hardware and software for your business – when you use a virtual office.

All the latest and most advanced equipment and systems are already on-site at the virtual office for your disposal.

4. Professional Business Address and Convenient Location

When operating from a home office, you will need to use your authentic home address for business license application and mailing purposes.

Therefore, you run the privacy and security risks. Furthermore, your business looks unprofessional when your home address is displayed on a website or your business collaterals.

On the other hand, a virtual office solves all these issues. First of all, a virtual office provides you with a legitimate business address that is at a prime location. Not only does it showcase your professionalism, but it also provides convenient access for you and your clients.

Plus, you can have the business address used on your website or Google Business without worrying about people coming to your house uninvited.

Why Choose Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta

In the modern world of all things online, one of the greatest advantages is getting real-time information and communication from anywhere in the world. The same is true with Cekindo’s virtual office.

With the help of Cekindo, you can optimise the features of the virtual office in Jakarta to systemise your business for greater flexibility, scalability, and profitability. Especially in a difficult time like this (the coronavirus pandemic) when everyone has to work remotely, you can leverage virtual offices in Jakarta to allow employees to work from anywhere across the globe.

Cekindo is ready to help you strategically leverage a remote workforce for your business and make your team productive at a distance.

Buy a virtual office in Jakarta and start enjoying its benefits. Choose your preferred package now!

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