Moving into a New Virtual Office in Jakarta? Don’t Forget Your To-do Checklist

Many situations have prompted businesses to move to a virtual office space in Jakarta. From the COVID-19 crisis to the rise of remote working options to attract the younger generation, easy business expansion to brand enhancement, these are all the reasons for the increasing relocation from a permanent office to a more flexible virtual office.

However, moving into a new virtual office space in Jakarta is not just about walking away from your traditional office. After moving to a new virtual office, you must do all the things on the below checklist.

Moving into a Virtual Office: The Checklist

1. Review and Update Your Contact Information

Since you get a new business virtual address, you shall review all your accounts and update them with your newly-acquired business address. Below are some of the examples of critical accounts that need an update:

  • Credit card and bank accounts
  • Insurances
  • Federal and state records
  • Social media accounts and website
  • Letterhead and email signatures
  • Written and verbal update to clients, vendors, and other stakeholders

2. Get Rid of Redundant Furniture and Equipment

All virtual office spaces in Jakarta are fully furnished with chairs, desks, fax machines, copier, scanner, kitchen, reception area, conferencing equipment, etc. Therefore, you can sell or donate that equipment and furniture you don’t need.

3. Delegate Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Once you have moved into a virtual office, it is always a good idea to outsource your tasks to a virtual assistant that is skilled to handle specific functions.

4. Ensure You Have the Technology Infrastructure Required

It is vital to assess the technology infrastructure of the virtual office. Things to look at include cabling, power sources, servers, and other important tools that are critical for your business. Then, see what is lacking and do an upgrade.

5. Do a Backup of Important Data

Another thing to check off your list when relocating to a virtual office is to ensure that you backup all your important data. Data backup makes sure that all your business information is secured and protected.

6. Use Mail Forwarding

If you forget to change your business address of certain accounts, mail forwarding can serve as an excellent backup to receive all your important mail and business documents.

7. Be Organized for the Entire Relocation

A successful move to a virtual office requires business owners to stay organized at all times. Staying organized throughout the whole relocation process including keeping track of things, taking inventory, creating the moving schedule, labeling moving boxes, and partnering with professionals regarding the move.

8. Make Your Virtual Office a Comfortable and Productive Space

Your virtual office has to be a place that sparks your muse and productivity if you have to spend time in it. Although it is fully furnished, you can still make it feel like home with your family pictures, artworks, and decoratives.

Virtual Office Space Solutions in Jakarta from Cekindo

Cekindo’s virtual office space in Jakarta enables you to focus on increasing sales and building your business. We give you the peace of mind knowing that all your mail, packages, and related business documents will be received at your prestigious business address. You will also never miss another important call and our mail forwarding service can send all the mail to your preferred address.

Whether you wish to have a national presence with multiple offices in Indonesia or expand interstate to a single location, you can set up your virtual office space in Jakarta with Cekindo fast and easy – without the expensive price tag of a traditional permanent office, but with all the benefits.

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