Doing It Right: How to Run Your Virtual Office in Jakarta

A great number of business owners truly believe that running a business from a virtual office in Jakarta after the COVID-19 is an ideal solution and will have far-reaching advantages.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, such as remote working, at a lightning speed everywhere in the world, with Jakarta included.

Working from home or remotely has now even become a new normal for those people who were previously only exposed to a brick-and-mortar work environment.

This transformation has then brought forth another radical change: the switch from a traditional office to a virtual office in Jakarta.

But still, you need to know the right way to run a virtual office to maximise your business success. Here are some tips to guide you forward.

How to Run a Virtual Office

1. Acquire a Prestigious Address of Virtual Office in Jakarta

A prominent virtual office address in Jakarta gives you many benefits during the COVID-19.

While you are encouraged to stay home as much as you can, your virtual office is still running and the address creates a professional image and brand value for your business.

Plus, this prestigious address saves you a lot of money if you compare it to a physical office in the same location.

2. Get the Right Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing have shown great success during this pandemic. Take Zoom, for instance, its users have increased shockingly from 10 million per day before COVID-19 to now over 200 million per day during the quarantine period.

The right and good quality monitors, speakers, and microphones are essential for efficient audio and video conferencing as well.

3. Choose Effective Collaboration Tools

A company is successful only when they have effective teamwork. Thus, an effective and real-time collaboration tool is a must when employees are working together remotely on the same project.

The most popular and powerful collaboration tools on the market are Microsoft Teams and Slack. Thanks to these amazing software, business professionals can now team up and work towards a fruitful project more easily and more rapidly.

4. Enforce Work-from-Home (WFH) Policies

Most companies did not have WFH policies. And now is the best time to do so. A thriving corporate understands that employees need instructions and protocols to guide them on what is expected of them while working from home without supervision.

The policies shall have details such as lunch and break time, expected working hours, allowed purchases for the home office and others, depending on the company circumstances.

5. Make Use of Coworking Space and On-demand Meeting Rooms

Coworking spaces and on-demand meeting rooms are still much needed after the restrictions of COVID-19 are lifted, due to their immediate accessibility and daily cleaning and maintenance.

Professionals or freelancers can just check in a coworking space or a meeting room if they need a workspace or a meeting venue with their potential clients or employees.

And, they do not have to worry about the contagious viruses as professional virtual office and coworking space providers like Cekindo will sanitise the entire workspace, including all equipment, devices, tools, and interior every day.

Office Solutions from Cekindo

Virtual offices in Jakarta allows business owners to operate their companies anywhere around the world.

Cekindo’s virtual offices in Jakarta, located in Slipi and Kuningan areas, are the major consideration for many entrepreneurs who wish to manage their business operations effectively from a distance due to the cost-saving and flexibility advantages.

If you are establishing a new business startup in Jakarta for the first time, a virtual office can cut back on significant costs that you may not be able to afford, with a price that starts as low as USD 35 per month.

Want to learn more about whether a virtual office in Jakarta is the perfect solution for your business? Get in touch with our representative now.

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