How Not to Worry about Using a Shared Office Space in Jakarta during COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is both an economic and health crisis. It has spread to at least 213 countries in the world with more than 23 million confirmed cases.

Even with the success of flattening the curve and the lockdown restrictions being lifted, it is still vital for employers to implement safety precautions before bringing their employees back into the office.

At Cekindo’s shared office space in Jakarta, we ensure the constant review and revision of policies to counter all COVID-19 concerns.

Although we shouldn’t think we are now safe from the threat of this pandemic, there are things you can do so that you do not have to worry about using a shared office space.

Cekindo has created a guide with safety protocol measures that you can take to help you navigate the new norm.

Using a Shared Office Space in Jakarta without Worry

1. Avoid Direct Contact

In any circumstances, be it a group meeting for project planning or a casual meetup for a brief discussion, it is important to avoid direct contact with other people. You should limit your handshaking.

Try making use of electronic files and documents that are shareable among employees and management levels. This will not only keep you protected but also helps the whole team stay updated and on track. Water cooler chat, snack sharing, and contacting high touch surfaces shall also be avoided to prevent the spread and infection.

2. Protect Yourself

Do use the disinfectants and sanitizers available everywhere such as stores, retailers, restaurants, office buildings, and any other sites.

Even though most sites you visit are frequently cleaned and sanitized according to a standard operating procedure, you must also put in your effort. That is, sanitizing your hands and wearing a mask in the public area to ensure absolute protection.

3. Ensure Physical Distancing

The practice of social distancing or physical distancing is one of the most important ways to protect yourself in the shared office space and public places.

At Cekindo’s shared office space in Jakarta, all seat and desk arrangement is kept at a minimum of 2 meters apart to decrease the chances of spreading. All members and employees in the shared office space must adhere to the social distancing policy.

Some office spaces even set up physical barriers and place all copiers, printers, and shared items at safe distances to ensure the effectiveness of the policy.

4. Use Independent Spaces

It is possible to rent a shared office space in Jakarta designed for a small number of people. This type of shared office space will have cubicles in place to separate employees by section with maximum safety measures.

You will still enjoy all the benefits just like regular shared office spaces and keep all employers and employees safe during the global crisis.

Why Work at Cekindo’s Shared Office Space in Jakarta

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Cekindo’s shared office space in Jakarta has adapted its strategy in many ways to cater to the crisis and aftermath. We adjust and deliver our one-stop service that reduces the risk of transmission through appropriate safety measures and essential physical distancing.

You, our clients, are our full responsibility. We want to work with you in the most productive way to make sure that you get the most outstanding services while keeping you comfortable and safe.

Cekindo’s shared office space in Jakarta is designed to connect like minds and delivers solutions for your next-level business growth. Get your business going in Indonesia even in this difficult time with Cekindo.

Contact us to book your space now. We also have virtual office packages in Jakarta for flexible and remote working that starts at USD 35/month.

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