Is Using a Virtual Office Legit in Jakarta?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, thus, it also becomes the main center for business activities and industries. Most of the larger companies have its headquarters in Jakarta, the home of 10 million people. This makes Jakarta the home for millions of workers, not only locals but also expatriates. Due to millions of workers commuting daily to Jakarta, traffic jams are always the main concern for those who live in Jakarta. Millions of people lose their productivity due to too many hours spent on the road. A solution is needed. Is using a virtual office for business legit in Jakarta?

You will find out soon, just keep reading.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office refers to an office in cyberspace. It means all jobs are conducted using the internet, not a physical presence. The virtual office lets individuals or groups hold the tasks without going to the office building.

Generally, a virtual office is formed in an application that can be used easily by members of particular groups, communities, organizations. Workers only need their gadgets and internet connection to do their jobs.

One of the main purposes of creating a virtual office is making an efficient way of working. It can reduce many costs for several things, like building maintenance, office equipment, and other issues caused by the traditional office system. A virtual office is able to increase productivity in general.

Indonesia’s government to use virtual office

As if the aforementioned reason were not enough, virtual office is so legit that the government of Indonesia also plans to use a virtual office.

Although this plan is still debatable, it is not impossible to implement a virtual office everywhere.

Government employees in some ministries are about to do their jobs at home. In this case, they only need to come to the office four days a week, and a day at home. This plan is still being discussed by the People’s Representative Council.

Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia, said the plan is all about flexibility. The most important thing is that all duties of government employees must be done in due time. Indonesia’s government is going to use several technology platforms to make everything run well.

Using a virtual office to run your business in Jakarta

Since traffic jams are part of morning routines in Jakarta, it is better for some companies or individuals to do their business using a virtual office.

Here are the most noteworthy benefits that you will get from using a virtual office.

1. Reducing Costs

Using a virtual office means you do not need to run your business in an office building. In other words, you can save your money from traditional office problems like building maintenance costs, electricity, water supplies, amenities, and other issues. This will reduce your money and it can be allocated for other important things.

2. Less Time

By using a virtual office, you can save more time to finish a task. You do not need to take a car to reach the office or meet colleagues. All communications that occur online makes everything run fast without any waiting lists. Therefore, all problems and issues are solved in a minute without waiting for something else.

3. Complete Facilities

Although you do not work in a tangible office, you will still be able to enjoy complete facilities offered by a virtual office. For example, when you need a meeting room to meet with clients or interview some candidates, feel free to book it. You will also be entitled to services such as receptionist, mail handling and call answering.

Create your own virtual office

After knowing the most noteworthy advantages of a virtual office, now is your time to create your own virtual office.
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