6 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Business in Jakarta

Getting a virtual assistant in Jakarta can offer many great benefits for your business such as eliminating the cost of hiring full-time staff, increasing your business scalability, and boosting business professionalism.

Virtual assistants are independent professionals and contractors who can help you in many ways of your business in Jakarta. If you buy a virtual office, a virtual assistant is usually part of the package.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant in Jakarta

1. Make Good Impressions

Negative first impressions can cause long-term harm to your business and that’s why you need to get it right from the start. A virtual assistant in Jakarta acts as a professional receptionist to take all your client’s calls. They know your business well and can then direct clients to the right person of your team and make a wonderful impression.

2. Reply to Email

Clients’ emails come in bulk every day (over 100 emails on an average working day!) and can be easily overlooked by your team. However, a professional virtual assistant can screen your incoming emails and route the important ones to relevant team members.

3. Answer Calls

Almost every client would like to speak to a real human being when they call. Imagine how frustrating it is when a client calls and all they get is a voice mail. Not to mention it takes up a few more days for an employee to check the voicemail and finally get back to the client.

A virtual assistant can answer incoming calls during the working hours with real-time response. And if the client’s message does reach the voicemail during off-hours, your virtual assistant can organise the voicemails efficiently and make sure that there is no delay in response. You don’t have to worry about missed leads anymore.

4. Manage Schedules

Sometimes, a virtual assistant has to make some business decisions on your behalf especially when it comes to your schedules, meetings, and appointments arrangement.

Your virtual assistant knows how your calendar looks in weeks or even months so that they can easily fix the meeting and appointment with clients on the spot. By doing so, clients don’t have to wait for further confirmation that may cause engagement delay.

5. Use Live Web Chat or Messenger for Engagement

Over the past few years, clients prefer to get in touch and engage with their vendors through live web chat, and messengers such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger are on the rise. This is because clients believe that digital channels offer a much quicker and more convenient response. Your virtual assistant thus can help your business oversee and manage these channels so that your clients will get their inquiry answered the soonest.

6. Prospect and Reach Out to Clients

Apart from answering and vetting clients’ calls, emails, and messages, a virtual assistant can use the same channels to reach out to clients for your sales prospecting and relationship building.

The Ultimate Goal of Having a Virtual Assistant

At the end of the day, many of us do business for the final purpose to generate income and contribute positively to the world. Therefore, having a virtual assistant in Jakarta to help with your business is meant to create more happy clients and eventually enable them to achieve the said goals. In simpler terms, happy clients mean more loyal followers and higher sales.

Get a Virtual Assistant by Subscribing to Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta

Are your business hoping to establish a professional image by using a virtual assistant in Jakarta? Look no further since Cekindo enables you to fulfill this without breaking the bank.

Minimising business expenses is important for companies especially startups when they still haven’t generated a stable income. A virtual office with a virtual assistant in Jakarta can be a brilliant option as the first step for your business presence and development in the region.

You can now have the smallest budget but run your business like a major corporation. Buy your virtual office now.

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