Your Virtual Office in Jakarta is Easy to Set Up: The Cheat Sheet

Jakarta is a vibrant startup hub with a lot of foreigners running their businesses in the city. A report published by the Creative Economy Agency states that the rate of startups in Indonesia is expected to grow by up to 30%. The boom of startups is even made easier with the use of a virtual office in Jakarta.

First of all, a virtual office gets rid of the worries that many businesses have about finding a cost-effective and convenient location with a prominent business address.

Secondly, no hiring is required when you use a virtual office because there is always a professional receptionist available to take care of your call all day long.

On top of that, you will have access to high-speed internet, advanced conferencing and communication equipment, and other comprehensive technology, as well as meeting rooms, conference rooms, and workspace when you need them the most.

Now that you have made up your mind, your virtual office can be easily set up by following these 4 steps.

Easy Setup with These 4 Steps

1. Choose Your Location

Picking an ideal location for your virtual office in Jakarta is the very first step for a business owner to expand and grow their business in this new and dynamic market. This is because the right location will have a significant impact on your company growth including its sales, productivity, and overall performance.

2. Set up a Virtual Office with Mail Handling

A virtual office can receive and handle mail on your behalf. You can then pick up the mail or have it forwarded to your desired location.

Therefore, mail handling and forwarding are one of the most important virtual office features you have to consider when you first set up your virtual office.

If you prefer to have the mail forwarded to you, make use of a PO Box instead of a home address.

3. Establish Corporate Branding and a Professional Image

The following step to ensure a successful virtual office setup is to make your company or brand known and visible to your target audience in Jakarta.

A virtual office from Cekindo allows you to have the name of your company published on the directory listing at the building’s reception.

Therefore, your brand or your company name will appear next to many well-known industry leaders, fostering professional relationships and boosting company image.

4. Get Access to a Live Virtual Assistant

Positive customer experience is one of the most vital elements for a successful business. Ease of communication and humane customer service will equip you with a competitive edge.

This includes enabling customers to get in touch with you more easily and your customer’s inquiries and requests are handled in a friendly and personal way.

A live virtual assistant with professionalism can help you generate and retain new leads for your business. You will never miss any important calls and can keep track and follow up on all your sales calls, meetings, appointments, and leads.

Why Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta

Cekindo believes that success is the result of making the best possible decisions. And our virtual office in Jakarta is one of these.

With Cekindo’s virtual office, you will have a prestigious business address where not only you can centralise and handle all your business processes, but it can also convey the best brand image to your prospective clients and employees.

In addition to the professional call and mail handling services, our virtual office allows you to have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and workspace when necessary.

We have a choice of virtual offices in Jakarta that accommodate your needs, starting at USD 30/month. Buy now to start enjoying the benefits.

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