How Remote Work in Jakarta Can be Improved with the Use of a Virtual Office

The number of remote workers is growing in every major city around the world including Jakarta. Many of these workers are employed under companies of all sizes that embrace this exciting change. With the huge growth of remote workers, the concept of virtual office in Jakarta has long emerged to accommodate the transformation.

The way people work has changed significantly over the years. Many employees prefer to work in remote positions if such opportunities are available.

The truth is, many people do quit their jobs and pursue remote work for the many benefits that ensue. Remote work is now a global trend and it is not only for digital nomads and freelancers.

The Benefits for Remote Jobs

A virtual office enables you to work virtually and remotely while you can still maintain a physical business presence.

On top of that, it offers many other benefits from remote work to business support:

1. Prestigious Business Address

A prestigious business address is one of the important elements that an entrepreneur considers to set up a business.

A virtual office is a brilliant solution as it provides a solid, professional business address (also known as a virtual address) for business owners who can’t afford expensive monthly office rent. It helps you cut down costs significantly while enhancing and maintaining your company image.

2. Fully-equipped Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

Sometimes remote workers have to meet their clients, employers, or coworkers in person for discussions.

A virtual office comes with professional and well-equipped meeting rooms that you can choose based on your meeting requirements, i.e. purpose of the meeting, size of the meeting room, and meeting equipment.

There are also conference rooms that allow remote workers from all over the world who are working on the same project to get together to discuss and keep up with the project. High-tech conferencing tools and high-speed WiFi are also available.

3. Social Engagement to Curb Loneliness

Remote workers spend a lot of time working alone from their home offices and sometimes this can hurt their mental well-being. A virtual office provides remote workers with opportunities to meet other professionals and engage in meaningful conversations.

4. Professional Receptionist and Administrative Assistance

It’s hard to focus on your project if you need to deal with clients’ inquiries all the time. Besides, taking calls yourself can be time-consuming, and receiving mail at your home address means you lose your privacy and security.

With a virtual office, there’s a professional receptionist and administrative staff in place to handle all your calls and mail so that you don’t have to do that yourself.

Plus, since the administrative receptionist is trained and dedicated to handling your calls and mail, they can get back to your client’s inquiries more promptly without missing a call. This administrative support can be extremely helpful to remote workers while they are working on a time-sensitive project.

5. Enhanced Focus and Productivity

A virtual office doesn’t mean that the office is imaginary. If you find yourself getting distracted at home by your family members, neighbors, or home construction nearby, you can rent a day office at a virtual office.

The day office in the virtual office in Jakarta has all the facilities and quiet settings you need to focus on your project and increase your productivity.

What Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta Offers

For many businesses in Jakarta, especially new companies and startups, cash flow can be tight and they need to invest funds in growing the business.

Therefore, leasing a traditional office is too big of a commitment. However, it still needs to present its business well and hire employees to help them out.

Cekindo’s virtual office in Jakarta is the answer for entrepreneurs and remote workers. Located in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, our virtual office in Jakarta is the ideal solution to this obstacle.

Whether you just require a business address while you work from anywhere in the world, or enjoy a flexible remote working lifestyle with call and mail handling assistance.

With Cekindo’s extensive virtual office network in Indonesia, you can easily set up a business address in the country without physically relocating yourself.

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