Pros and Cons of Working at a Coworking Space in Jakarta

Owning or renting a building is not a requirement of business anymore. Technology has broken the wall, creating no borders to ease the collaboration of many individuals at once. Coworking space, which is often found in a big city like Jakarta, replaces the traditional office space.

The number of coworking spaces in Jakarta shows that the existence of this replacement is already loved by many people.

However, is coworking space an effective replacement for a traditional office building? What are the pros and cons of working at a coworking space?

Pros of coworking space

You can find many coworking spaces in Jakarta. That amount of coworking space itself is real proof that coworking space also brings advantages to many people. What are those advantages? Is coworking space really worth considering?

Work-life balance

To save more budget, many business owners merge their offices with their house. However, this is a very unproductive approach as there are many distractions coming from the house.

That’s why coworking space becomes the alternative for the business owner with a tight budget. Separating personal life with professional life increases the productivity rate, whether for the business owner themselves or their employees.

Professional environment

Having a professional environment is really important for business especially for business that often invites clients for a meeting in the office.

You can get this professional environment from a coworking space. After all, coworking space is basically a shared space for professional workers, be it a company or freelancer.

Networking opportunities

Surrounded by working professionals from various business sectors, your business is open to more opportunities.
You can get to know people who work there, thanks to the open space concept of coworking space.

Cons of coworking space

Even though the coworking space has its perks, it also has disadvantages. Will the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Too much noise

You share the same space with many people at the coworking space. It means there will be a noise you cannot control.

For you who prefer to work in silence, of course, this becomes a big disadvantage to you. Too much noise makes it more difficult to concentrate. In the end, your productivity will decrease and your work is left unfinished.

People come and go

You will find the people around you constantly changing. The people who rent a space in a coworking space come and go.

After all, coworking space is favored because of its flexibility in renting which means, your neighbor in coworking space can change in a very short period of time.

For those of you who have difficulty adapting to new people, this is a huge disadvantage to you.

Open space interior

To maximize space, coworking space usually adapts open space interior. While this interior plan can maximize collaboration, it also maximizes distraction. There is no wall separating one seat to another.

Therefore, you are forced to deal with hearing some unnecessary conversation. Again, for you who have difficulty concentrating, this is a disadvantage to you.

So, what is the conclusion?

Despite the disadvantages that may only apply to certain types of people, it is obvious that coworking space offers a lot of benefits. In other words, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

And, for those who cannot bear the disadvantages of working at a coworking space, it does not mean that there is no other way but to work in a traditional office space.

Although coworking space in Jakarta usually adapts this open space interior, there is also the alternative with a semi-open space interior.

The alternative is often called a serviced office. Unlike coworking space, a serviced office provides semi-open space for business.

In addition to a serviced office, you may also want to consider a virtual office. With a virtual office, you would not have a physical office but are still granted access to office facilities that include meeting rooms and printers.

Cekindo provides them all

Whether you are looking to work at a coworking space, a serviced office or from a virtual office in Jakarta, Cekindo provides them all.

Even better, unlike the other office providers, if you book your space at Cekindo, you are entitled to free consultancy for your business in Jakarta, or Indonesia.

Book your space now or get in touch with us first to discuss further.

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