What Can a Working Space in Jakarta Offer that Your Home Office Does Not Have?

Working from home has become a common approach all over the world, especially after the strike of COVID-19. However, there are still many things that a home office does not have.

In this article, we will take a look at the major features that are missing in a home office.

What a Home Office does not Have

Here are some of the things that a home office is lacking and that’s why smart businesses and professionals are seeking alternatives such as flexible working space solutions.

1. Sufficient Natural Light

Many employees have complained that the lack of natural light at their home offices seriously impacts their productivity and puts a strain on their eyes. It is scientifically proven that exposure to adequate natural light can enhance your mood and energy, and thus improve your focus and productivity.

According to a study conducted by Chicago’s Northwestern University, individuals working close to windows were found to be more relaxed, sleep well, and enjoy a better quality of life.

As you can see there is a strong and proven connection between a person’s productivity and access to natural light. Cekindo’s flexible working space in Jakarta Barat allows you to get the right dose of daily natural light to augment your productivity and well-being.

2. Welcoming and Soothing Scents

Individuals working from home have to tolerate every sort of smell that is going around the house. Not to mention if you have kids and pets, a small home space, and cook a lot, the smell combination can be even more unbearable – gravely affecting your efficiency and ability to focus.

On the other hand, in a flexible working space, you will encounter a more productive office scent. This soothing smell can ease your mind and drastically enhance your mood and productivity level, helping you get into the zone more easily.

3. Natural Scenery and Environment

Humans are from nature. We all crave nature and have a desire for serenity. There is evidence indicating that workspaces close to nature can have a positive effect on your physiological and psychological functions. This improvement can in turn increase your productivity and efficiency while working.

It is almost impossible for you to reconnect with nature while working from home, especially your home is located in a high-rise building with not a lot of windows and natural areas nearby. Cekindo’s flexible working space in Jakarta Barat always has enough windows, greens, fresh air, and nearby parks for you to boost your happiness and productivity.

4. Effective Communication

Working at a home office means that you have to take care of all the incoming calls, mail, and emails yourself. This communication overload can often be draining and take away your precious time and productivity.

Flexible workspaces such as virtual offices, coworking spaces, and serviced offices have a professional receptionist to handle all your communications, saving you valuable time, and eliminating missed opportunities.

Working Space Solutions in Jakarta Barat from Cekindo

Cekindo’s working space in Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta) provides a solution that enables businesses to save costs, connect, and grow. Our wide range of working space packages include coworking space, shared office, serviced office, private office, and virtual office – designed to meet your unique business requirements.

Our working spaces in Jakarta Barat are perfect for growing your business while you can have a better work-life balance and get your work done efficiently. We help you achieve this through mindful consideration and thorough research of every aspect of our workspaces.

Find out more about your flexible options of working space in Jakarta Barat by contacting us now.

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