Workplace Trends Loved by Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia

Gen Z and millennials in Indonesia are starting to dominate the workplace over the years and it is particularly obvious in 2020. According to the Huffington Post, about 50% of the global workforce is now millennials and this number is estimated to increase to 75% by 2025. This is not surprising as many millennials are new undergraduates or graduates with high digital skills who are fit for numerous positions in this highly digitalized world.

Therefore, for companies to recruit and retain millennials, they need to rethink their workplace model and culture. Let’s dive into the workplace trends that millennials and Gen Z love in Indonesia.

Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia are Fond of These Workplace Trends

1. Prioritizing Their Needs

Rigid work processes and traditional office cultures will not work for millennials and Gen Z anymore. Since the boomer era, this young workforce wants a different set of experience and work fulfillment which many business owners may find hard to accept.

With the advent of technology that allows more interconnectivity across the world, millennials and Gen Z wish employers to prioritize the following key experiences:

  • Flexible Work

The typical 9-5 work hours may not work for these young employees anymore. They can know more about their productivity from the results they can deliver instead of completing their fixed hours every day.

Many millennials and Gen Z makes this experience possible by working as consultants, freelancers, or temporary staff.

  • Face-to-face Interactions

Like anywhere else in the world, millennials in Indonesia are getting tired of online interactions. Growing up in this digital-centric world, they long for more face-to-face interaction at work with their coworkers and superiors.

  • Work-life Balance

Millennials love work-life balance as they have become more health-conscious than their previous generations. They take careful steps to take care of themselves mentally and physically to prevent burnout.

As a result, companies that are aware of this trend and offer people-centered benefits such as breakout areas and gym membership to these young employees are regarded as the best employers by millennials.

  • Positive Engagement with Employers

Millennial workers also want positive engagement from their employers and managers. They want to know that their efforts are appreciated, trusted, and valued by their superiors.

2. Soft Skills and Hard Skills Development

Future-oriented companies constantly providing their young employees to develop their hard skills and soft skills are sought after by young potential candidates. Especially for soft skills, these skills are incredibly valuable skills that millennials regard as essential in their career toolbox.

3. High Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Workplaces that implement advanced technology and utilize artificial intelligence are where millennials want to be a part of. Millennials and Gen Z prefer to work at innovative and forward-thinking companies as they think that repetitive or mundane tasks shall be taken care of by AI and disruptive technology.

Also, these workplaces are where they can keep up with the latest technology development and implementation.

4. Companies that Care for Social Issues

Companies that serve as activists and take a stand on social issues will most likely attract the right talents these days. Millennials and Gen Z aligns better with businesses that have a social mission. This allows them to have a strong sense of purpose by contributing meaningfully instead of just making a living.

For Millennials in Jakarta, Affordable Flexible Workspace Solutions from Cekindo

In today’s highly-digitized world, individuals especially Gen Z and millennials in Indonesia expect to be able to work, connect, and collaborate anywhere they want, anytime they want.

Driven by the current workspace trend and the way Gen Z and millennials in Indonesia work, Cekindo’s flexible workspace solutions cater to these requirements by empowering your business’ young workforce through flexible collaboration, working hours, and locations.

We provide a range of office solutions in Jakarta, including virtual offices, coworking spaces and private offices. Contact our flexible workspace consultants for more information.

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